Grows & flowers each year and do not have to be replanted.

Perennials are a diverse group of herbaceous type plants.

There are perennials for every condition, from sun to shade, small to large, wet to dry and in every colour imaginable. If you are tired of planting annuals in the garden, then perennials may be what you are looking for.

  • When selecting the perfect perennials for your garden or container, you must first answer the following questions:

    What type of soil am I planting in?
    What is the exposure of this location?
    What zone am I planting in?
    What am I looking to get out of this perennial?
    How much time do I have for maintenance?

    Once you have answered these questions, your choices are narrowed, helping you select a perennial that bests suits your location and desires. By answering these questions you are sure to love your selection.

  • The best time to plant perennials is in both spring and fall. It is also acceptable to plant in summer, just make sure you have an irrigation system to ensure enough water gets to the roots of your new plantings.

  • It is best to fertilize your perennials with a perennial specific fertilizer in spring and early summer. Also, make sure they are planted in rich soil. If the soil is lacking nutrients, it is important to add a soil amendment, such as Sea Soil.

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