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As the holiday season approaches, many of us are eager to deck our halls with festive decorations and immerse ourselves in the spirit of Christmas. While artificial and cut Christmas trees have been popular choices for decades, there’s a sustainable and enchanting alternative that’s gaining attention – living Christmas trees. In this blog, we’ll explore the magic of living Christmas trees and how they can add a unique, eco-friendly twist to your holiday celebrations. Cedar Rim nursery has a wide variety of trees in a host of different sizes, suitable for any home and budget.

1. What Are Living Christmas Trees?

Living Christmas trees are real, potted evergreen trees that are purchased and displayed during the holiday season. Unlike traditional cut trees that are destined for disposal after the festivities, living trees are intended to be cared for and planted in your yard or a suitable outdoor location once the holiday season is over.

2. Sustainability Benefits:

– Reducing waste: One of the most significant advantages of living Christmas trees is that they don’t end up in landfills after the holidays. They continue to grow and thrive, providing oxygen and other environmental benefits.

– Carbon sequestration: These trees absorb carbon dioxide, making them valuable contributors to combatting climate change.

– Encouraging reforestation: When you plant your living Christmas tree, you’re helping to increase the number of trees in your community, improving local air and water quality.

3. Care and Maintenance:

To ensure your living Christmas tree stays healthy, consider the following tips:

-Try to keep the tree inside for a minimal amount of time as is possible. 10-14 days maximum is advised.

-When your tree is brought inside place it in a spot that is as bright as possible.

-Keep the tree away from any direct sources of heat such as a fireplace or heat register.

-Water the tree once a week, you may find it easier to place a saucer under the pot so that any excess water doesn’t sit in the pot. If the tree is in a pot that doesn’t drain, be super cautious not to over water. Moist but not wet is the key!

-Try to keep the room cooler if possible, if the room is too hot the tree will need more water and may become stressed.

-When putting it outdoors again, place it in a sheltered spot for a few days next to the house or under a porch before moving it further out in the garden or plant in the ground. Planting in a larger pot but sinking it in the ground will allow it to be dug up easier the following holiday season.

4. Decorating Your Living Christmas Tree:

Just like traditional Christmas trees, living trees can be beautifully decorated with ornaments, lights, and other festive decorations. However, be mindful not to damage the tree while decorating, and use LED lights to reduce energy consumption.

7. Conclusion:

Living Christmas trees offer a sustainable, eco-friendly way to celebrate the holiday season while making a positive impact on the environment. They not only reduce waste but also contribute to reforestation efforts. Consider making the switch to a living Christmas tree this year and add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations while caring for the planet. Embrace this environmentally conscious tradition and make your Christmas truly “green”!

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