Using hedging instead of a wall or fence is a much ‘greener’ option.

Used for centuries to make boundaries, hedges still continue to play a useful part within our gardens. Not only can they absorb pollution and block unwanted noise, but can also provide a haven for birds and other wildlife. With the right care a hedge can live for many years and can also increase the biodiversity of our surroundings.

There are many options choose from and not just the usual green cedar we are all familiar with.

Nearly all shrubs can be utilized as hedging. It all depends on how fast and tall you need your hedge to grow. Shrubs such as Euonymus japonicus or Osmanthus make a wonderful small hedge with a splash of colour.

Non-evergreen shrubs such as Spiraea or Berberis can provide brightly coloured, and hardy options. Burning bush (Euonymus alatus) will give you flaming red fall colour and a tough and tall hedge.

Use green screens to keep your neighbours from snooping

An alternative to traditional hedging while still providing privacy would be the use of a Green Screen. This option relies on plants such as vines grown up a framework to create a green barrier and are perfect for compact areas.

For a more rigid alternative you could use a slower growing tree like a Japanese Maples that can be trained across a trellis. Here at Cedar Rim we have a number of these already well established.

Check out our new hedging guide on the website or come in store to pick up a copy or talk with one of our customer service team for advice and information.