Ornamental grasses have quick become a favourite of both modern landscape enthusiasts and drought conscious gardeners alike.

Ornamental grasses are highly rewarding plants; providing a soft textural component to the landscape, producing ornate plumes in the autumn and developing rustic, coppery blades in late fall-early winter that are particularly beautiful when adorned with a coating of morning frost.

We have grown many varieties over the years and below are a few stand outs that have earned favour with both our staff and customers.

cedar rim nursery ornamental grasses panicum apache rose

Panicum virgatum ‘Apache Rose’

4′ x 2.5′ – The dense, upright growth of this variety holds up well to adverse weather that might cause lesser varieties to splay open and lose their structure. Rosy pink plumes and blades edged in red make this a fall favourite.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’

6’ x 3-4’ – A tried and true favourite. Forms a tall, rounded mound of finely textured, bright silver-green foliage that is crowned with an abundance of feathery plumes in late summer. Ideal for use as a back drop or screen.

cedar rim nursery grass miscanthus gracillimus
cedar rim nursery grass totem pole

Panicum virgatum ‘Totem Pole’

6′ x 2.5′ – The strict, upright growth habit of this variety makes it an ideal selection where a strong, vertical element is desired but space might be limited. Blue-green foliage turns a bright golden-orange in fall.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Yaku Jima’

4’ x 3’ – A dwarf selection of maiden grass with dense, finely textured silver-green foliage. Tassel like plumes are produced in abundance, emerging with a pink hue and aging to a creamy-beige. Plumes persist well into winter and can be cut for use in dried arrangements.

cedar rim nursery miscanthus yaku jima
cedar rim nursery ornamental grasses pennisetum desert plains

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Desert Plains’

3-4’ x 3-4’ – Finely textured foliage held in an upright, vase form. The large, smokey-purple bottle brush plumes are regarded as the best of its species and are well suited to cutting for dried arrangements.