Hardneck Garlic

Have scapes, bigger cloves, peel easily, more flavourful, cloves from around hard stem, better in colder climates, 4-6 months storage.

Bogatyr: Marbled purple stripe garlic, 5 to 7 massive cloves per bulb store well into the winter.

Duganski: Large bulbs with a strong flavour, and purple cloves.

German White: Covered in bright, ivory white paper skins, offers strong garlic flavour.

German Red: Produces medium bulbs, with a strong spicy flavour and red medium cloves.

Legacy: Has a rich, full flavour with a fair amount of heat that mellows with long curing and in storage.

Mexican Purple: This variety is hot and spicy but becomes milder when it is baked or roasted.

Metechi: Hot and spicy purple striped, easy to grow, 5-6 large cloves per bulb.

Music: Fine flavour with medium strength, usually has eight large cloves.

Russian Purple: Marbled striped garlic, mellow flavoured that tastes great raw or roasted.

Russian Red: Spicy when eaten raw, but mellows when cooked with a richly complex garlic flavour.

Spanish Roja: Pure garlic flavour that is accompanied by mild heat in large, firm cloves and bulbs

Siberian: Large bulbs with a pungent, hot but not overwhelming spicy flavour.

Softneck Garlic

Last well in storage, braided, more cloves/bulb (keeps up to 9-12 months to 1 year)

Regular White (Mesadore): Mildly flavoured, 9 to 24 medium cloves per bulb