Tree Gator

The Tree Gator bag supplies up to 20 gallons of water dispersed over an eight to nine hour time period allowing the water to deeply penetrate the root system. Unlike other forms of pressurized irrigation, the Tree Gator bag is quick to install, and even quicker to fill. There is no runoff onto city streets and one filling per week ensures quick establishment for most trees. For larger trees or adverse growing conditions, up to two fillings per week can be used. Fertilizer can also be added to the water to encourage establishment as well.

Keep Your Trees Green

Cedar Rim Nursery is the dealer for Gator water products for British Columbia, and we would be happy to send you a sample of either Gator products if you wish. More information, including a product video, is available online at

Tree Gators Come in 2 sizes

cedar rim nursery tree gator sizes original 20 gallons

The Tree Gator Original 20 Gallons

Useful for trees with longer trunks

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