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  • Late Winter (typically March), pruning the old growth/die back once new growth starts to poke. Make sure to avoid pruning the new growth, this can hinder the vigor and overall performance of the plant.

  • Plant in Spring so the root system will have time to established by Winter. Planting can be done in summer but will require supplemental water.

  • Early spring, once frost has passed and plants are starting to push growth. For the majority of applications (shrub/perennial), use a slow-release osmocote fertilizer.

  • This will vary per plant, but a good general rule of thumb is to dig an additional 1/3 of the depth of the root ball/ container you are planting. Loosening the ground below will allow the roots to easily establish.

  • First, find out the conditions the plant will be in; sunny or shady, dry or moist, clay or sandy. The most important part is picking a plant that will perform well in the given conditions.

  • For your plant to perform well, there are three things you need to have in check. Soil, water, and light. If one of these are inadequate it may hinder the vigor of your plant.

  • Landscapers/Gardeners, contractors, or developers who consistently buy plants throughout the year for projects qualify for the application.

  • Yes, on our website we have a list of landscapers who we know, and are confident in referring them to our customers. We have also included each companies’ specialties and service areas so you can select the one best suited for your needs.

  • Twice a year is best: once in early July and once in late February. Cut back about 1/3 to 1/2 of the newest growth, lightly fertilize after pruning.

  • The best thing to do is to mulch as this helps keep in moisture in the summer and protects the roots from frost and water damage in the winter and early spring.

  • They have been selectively bred to be hardier, in most cases dwarf with more flowers and PW has many varieties of shrubs and perennials which re-bloom all season long.

  • Yes, they are grown on our farm in Langley so they are acclimated to our area, they are selected to be better performing varieties for our geographic area and you can return the pot and we can reuse them in our production which reduces the amount of plastic that is discarded into our environment.

  • No, we prefer you take your time. Pick up a few plants every couple of weeks over a growing season so you will have plants that are flowering or have interesting characteristics throughout the year.

    If you pick up plants that look great on weekends only, your yard may lack interest the rest of the year.

    Take your time, gardening is a lifestyle and should not be rushed.

  • If you are picking up a tree yourself, you might need to bring several things with you to transport the tree safely:

    • Make sure your vehicle can fit the tree you are purchasing.
    • Many of our large trees are heavy and require machinery to load them
    • For larger trees we recommend a pickup or flat deck trailer.
    • Bring a tarp to cover the foliage, transporting your tree at high speeds will risk wind burn
    • Red flag to tie to the back of the tree if it will be hanging over the back of your truck or trailer.
    • Bring racket straps to secure the root ball in your vehicle



  • The best selection is usually available at the end of March/beginning of April.

  • The best selection is usually available the beginning of March.

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